About the Department

The purpose of the Education Department’s instructional programs is to prepare all students, undergraduates and graduates, to engage in the analysis and integration of educational theory, research, and practice for an increasingly diverse society. The department’s primary intellectual and practical focus is on fostering equitable and effective schooling for all students. In working toward this goal, the department seeks to understand the profound issues involved in transforming public education so that it better meets the needs of students from diverse language, ethnic, racial, and class backgrounds. We are a small department with the large agenda of developing educational leaders and pursuing educational research that will affect the future of teaching and learning both inside and outside of schools. Our commitment lies in three essential and interrelated domains: 1) school, families, and communities; 2) teacher education and development; and 3) mathematics and science. Undergirding them all is a focus on the socio-cultural context in which learning and teaching takes place and an understanding of the power of language and literacy in both formal and informal educational settings.

The Education Department has a growing doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) program that attracts students who have exemplary preparation as well as experience working in educational settings; a model teacher-education program; and two vibrant minor tracks that serve more than 300 undergraduates each year.