Petition for a Course Exception

  • The Education department allows students to substitute a maximum of two outside, five-unit (or equivalent), courses towards the minor requirement.
  • Typically, substitutions for upper-division courses:
    • are also upper-division
    • yield 5 quarter units (or equivalent (3 semester units acceptable))
    • are education course(s), education-related course(s), or include a strong educational focus that connects learning and teaching in some way
    • include relevant readings and rigorous assignments comparable to a UCSC Education Department upper-division education course
    • are taught by department faculty (not a student run course)
  • If the course was taken at another institution, you must make sure the course is transferable to UCSC and meets the above criteria. It is your responsibilty to transfer the course to UCSC, verify that it has posted to your academic record, and notify the Education Undergraduate Advisor that it has posted. More information about transferring courses here:
  • You can petition before, after, or while you are taking the course. If you are taking the class solely to count for your education minor, you are STRONGLY encouraged to petition prior to enrolling into the course, and should have a back up plan in case your petition is not approved.
  • Individual Studies Courses DO NOT automatically fulfill Education Minor Requirements. In order for your Individual Study to be considered for substitution it should be 5 units, taken for a grade (if you have already used your 1 P/NP option for an Upper-Division Elective), and you must follow the petition process below.

To request to substitute an Education Minor elective equirement with a course taken outside of the department (UCSC or another institution), you must take the following steps:

  1. Complete a Petition for Exception form (found outside our Undergraduate Advising Office: McHenry - Room 2163) or download here.
  2. Submit, along with the petition:
    • Letter of Explanation (Half-page to one-page explanation detailing the reason for your request and why the course(s) should meet the requirements for substitution)
    • Official Catalog Description of Course(s)
    • Syllabus for the Course(s) - must be the actual syllabus (includes readings and assignments)
    • EAP course description (for courses taken abroad)
    • A printed list of all UCSC Education courses completed (from MyUCSC). *transcripts from other institutions must be attached to the petition if the courses aren't included in the MyUCSC Course list.
    • Signed Faculty Endorsement Form - Individual Studies Courses ONLY (Any EDUC course numbered 190-199)
    Once you submit your petition materials, they will first be reviewed by the Education Undergraduate Advisor and then, at the next scheduled Undergraduate Programs Committee meeting, they will be formally considered. The committee is scheduled to meet once each month (October-June).
    • To submit your Petition for Exception packet, you can deliver a hardcopy to the advisor. If she is not available, you may put it in the Education Drop Box near office 2163 (be sure to email the advisor to let her know you put it in the drop box). If you cannot drop off a hard copy, you can submit an electronic copy by email with all attachments in one file.
    • Please be aware of campus policies regarding double-counting a course
    • Questions? Contact Education Undergraduate Advisor.