Education Minor Workshops

Attend an Education Minor Workshop!  
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These workshops are for all students who are, or think they might be interested in the field of education. 

You should attend a workshop as soon as possible, yes, ASAP, even if you're not ready to declare, and even if you aren't sure you want to declare!

Come learn what you need to know to help you plan, and to help you decide!

  • Do NOT wait until the quarter you need to declare, plan ahead and attend a workshop ASAP!
  • Attendance to a workshop is required to declare the Education Minor and the Education STEM Minor. You are only required to attend one workshop (but you are more than welcome to attend another for a refresher!), attend as soon as possible so you will be prepared in the quarter you plan to declare.
  • You will not be declared in the minor if you have not attended a workshop. 


Will be scheduled soon

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           If you are planning to declare at this workshop, you must bring with you:

    1. Your completed Petition for Major/Minor Declaration with your major information on it
      • The same one that completed with your major advisor, when you declared your major
    2. Your completed Academic Planning Form that has all your major information on it
      • The same one that you completed with your major advisor when you declared your major

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