Individual Studies Course with Education Faculty

To complete an Individual Studies Course with Education Faculty

First, identify an Education Faculty member who is willing to sponsor you. Meet with him or her to discuss your idea for an Individual Studies course, and ask if he/she would be willing to supervise you.  

  • Plan ahead! It is best to initiate this process in the quarter prior to that which you plan to do the study
  • Your faculty sponsor cannot be a visiting professor, lecturer, or graduate student 
  • An individual studies course can be either approved for either a 2 unit or 5 unit course. 
    • A 2-unit individual studies course requires about six hours of work per week, while a 5-unit course requires about 15 hours of work per week.

Once a faculty member agrees to sponsor you, complete a Petition for Undergraduate Individual Studies Course, ask the sponsor to complete and sign the form, and submit to the Education Undergraduate Advisor.

If this individual studies course is approved, you will be provided with a class number so that you can enroll.

It is your responsibilty to enroll into the course by the ADD/DROP/SWAP deadline (can be found here on the Academic and Administrative Calendar: , and with the approved grade option marked by your sponsoring faculty member.

  • Students without declared majors may not take more than seven credits of special approval courses in a given quarter. Students with declared majors must receive approval from their major advisor to take more than seven credit hours of special approval courses.
  • Individual Studies Courses DO NOT automatically fulfill Education Minor Requirements. In order for your Individual Study to be considered for substitution of a minor requirement course, you will have to petition for a course exception. The course should meet the requirements listed at the top of this page: