STEM Education Minor

The STEM Education Minor is an undergraduate course of study designed to explore theories of cognition, learning and pedagogy, and issues of cultural and linguistic diversity in education in the context of science and mathematics education. It specifically serves students in STEM majors who are considering careers in secondary mathematics or science teaching.

The STEM Education Minor includes ~75 hours of classroom field placements.  

Please note that although a STEM Education Minor does not confer or necessarily lead to a California Teaching Credential, it provides a great foundation and experience for graduate programs. If you are interested in learning more about our Master's/Credential Program, please visit the MA/C page.

Total Requirements: (8 courses, 32 credits)

Initial required courses (17 credits) 

1. EDUC 50 (A, B, or C): Cal Teach 1 (CaT1) (2 credits)

      • Apply with Calteach to begin!
      • EDUC 60 can be taken prior to EDUC 50

EDUC 60: Introduction to Education: Learning, Schooling, and Society
 (5 credits)

      • offered in Fall and Spring quarter

3. EDUC 100 (A, B, or C): Cal Teach 2 (CaT2)
 (2 credits)

4. EDUC 185B Intro to teaching Math or EDUC 185C Intro to teaching Science
 (5 credits)

5. EDUC 185L: Cal Teach 3 (CaT3), Introduction to Teaching (3 credits)

Three Upper-Division Elective courses (15 credits)
one must be a diversity course

1. EDUC Upper-Division Elective #1 (5 credits)

EDUC Upper-Division Elective #2 (5 credits)

3. EDUC Upper-Division Elective #3 (5 credits)


      • Priority enrollment for upper division courses is granted to declared STEM Education Minor students, and to students delcared in a science education major
      • Those not declared in the minor or a priority major will need a permission code in order to enroll.

      • One elective may be taken P/NP


See "Courses" for the current year's course offerings. 

Interested in declaring the STEM Minor? See "How do I declare my STEM Minor in Education"

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