How do I declare my STEM Minor in Education?

There are 3 requirements to delcare the Education STEM Minor:

  • Attend an Education Minor Workshop

Multiple workshops are made available each quarter during the academic year, please attend one as soon as you think you might be interested in the field of Education.

Planning ahead is key! In the workshop you are provided with important information about requirements, and other need to know information to help you prepare for your educational goals.

You are required to attend one workshop in order to declare the minor (this is one of three requirements), please remember that you are welcome to attend another workshop at a later time to get a refresher on the information.

RSVP for an Education Minor Workshop

The campus-wide deadline to submit a DECLARATION/CHANGE OF MAJOR/MINOR for each quarter can be found on the Academic and Adminstrative Calendar for the current academic year.

*You will not be declared in the minor if you have not attended a workshop.

  • Complete* EDUC 50A, B or C: Cal Teach 1

*Students currently enrolled in EDUC 50A, B or C may declare the STEM Minor in Education

*Be sure to review Education Department Grading Policy

  • Officially Declare your Major(s) 

Instructions for declaring a major can be found here:
Undergraduate Advising - Declaring your Major

You will need to have your Major Advisor(s) sign these two forms, and you will need these forms with your major information on them to declare the minor:

1. Petition for Major/Minor Declaration

2. UCSC Academic Planning Form

Sample UCSC Academic Planning Form for STEM Minor in Education

Once you've completed the 3 requirements to declare...

  • Bring your Petition for Major/Minor Declaration (with your major information on it, the same one you completed with your major advisor) and your UCSC Adcademic Planning form (with your major information on it, the same one you completed with your major advisor) to the UCSC Education Undergraduate Advisor during drop-in advising hours.

  • If the workshop is the last requirement you have left, you can bring the paperwork (mentioned above) to the workshop to declare. *Your paperwork needs to have your major information on it.

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