Cross Listing: Oakes/Educ 151A/B

OAKES 151A/B: Community Literacies and Corre La Voz is now cross listed with the Education Department as EDUC 151A/B. This course is being offered during Winter 23 and Spring 23. (It can count as an elective for EDJ majors/minors)

OAKES/Educ 151A/B gives students a chance to practice innovative dual-language teaching strategies, work directly with kids, teams, and creative digital projects in an after-school setting. 

You can participate by enrolling in Community Literacies OAKES/EDU 151A/B--but you must fill out an application to get the permission number.  Then, you will be contacted for an interview where you will learn about registering for clearance with the School District.

Apply soon to get a place in the class during Enrollment!  Priority deadline is Sunday, November 20, 11:59.  Applications accepted until positions are filled. NOTE: DUE TO UNUSUAL LABOR CIRCUMSTANCES THIS FALL, THE PROGRAM IS ACCEPTING LATE APPLICATIONS.  IF YOU FILL THIS OUT AFTER WEEK 10, PLEASE SEND A DIRECT E-MAIL TO LET THEM KNOW.

OAKS/EDU 151A is a 2 unit Theory seminar for all new mentors;

OAKS/EDU 151B is a 3 unit Field Study Prep (on-campus) and Placement (the program with kids). You can retake 151B to stay involved! 

In Winter 2023, the on-campus classes meet back to back on WEDNESDAYS, 5:20-6:55;  7:10-6:55pm in Oakes 106. The Placement (Program with kids) will be THURSDAYS 3:00-5:30 at Branciforte Middle School.   ALL PARTS OF THIS COURSE ARE IN PERSON.


The Corre la Voz teaching-learning lab at UCSC has been going for more than 13 years now and offers great, ongoing experience and opportunities to build relationships with teammates and incredible kids--currently at the middle school age.  Corre la Voz develops mentoring teams and community power with dual-language latinx youth in the middle grades on multi-modal literacy projects.  The program works with Senderos, a community-based immigrant organization; and the current site is Branciforte Middle School. The program especially needs fluent speakers of Spanish and folks who want to work with middle schoolers and newcomers!   


Questions? Write Leslie Lopez,