Education, Democracy, and Justice B.A.

The Education, Democracy, and Justice major provides opportunities to examine critical questions, theories, practices, and research in the field of education considered broadly. In preparing students for a wide range of career pathways related to education and learning, the major emphasizes the centrality of language, culture, power, and social contexts in teaching, learning, and democratic education. 

Required Courses:

50 credits total: 10 lower division and 40 upper division

  • Educ10 Intro to Learning (offered Fall and Winter) 
  • Educ60 Schooling, Democracy, and Justice (offered Fall and Spring)

  • Educ180 Intro to Teaching (offered Fall and Winter)
    Popular Education, Democracy, and Social Movements (offered Winter and Spring)

  • 6 Educ electives (Educ100-189, excluding 180)
  • Educ190 Senior Seminar Capstone (offered Spring quarter)

To declare EDJ as a single major:

  1. Complete Educ60 with a C or higher grade
  2. Complete and send an academic planning form and petition to declare form to Amy Raedeke


To declare EDJ in addition to other majors:

  1. Complete Educ60 with a C or higher grade
  2. Complete or request a signed academic planning form from your other majors. Send that and a petition to declare form to Amy Raedeke

Please allow 1-2 weeks for declarations to be processed as I am the only Department Advisor and my position is part-time. I appreciate your patience! 

Major checklist