Education, Democracy, and Justice B.A.

The Education, Democracy, and Justice major provides opportunities to examine critical questions, theories, practices, and research in the field of education considered broadly. In preparing students for a wide range of career pathways related to education and learning, the major emphasizes the centrality of language, culture, power, and social contexts in teaching, learning, and democratic education. 

Required Courses:

50 credits total: 10 lower division and 40 upper division

  • Educ10 Intro to Learning (offered Fall and Winter) 
  • Educ60 Schooling, Democracy, and Justice (offered Fall and Spring)

  • Educ180 Intro to Teaching (offered Fall and Winter)
    Popular Education, Democracy, and Social Movements (offered Winter and Spring)
    (if both 110 and 180 are taken, 110 can be one of the 6 electives below)
  • 6 Educ electives (Educ100-189, excluding 180)
  • Educ190 Senior Seminar Capstone (offered Winter and Spring)

To declare EDJ as a single major:

  1. Complete Educ10 and 60 
  2. Complete and send an academic planning form and petition to declare form to Amy Raedeke


To declare EDJ in addition to other majors:

  1. Complete Educ10 and 60 
  2. Complete or request a signed academic planning form from your other major advisor. Send that and a petition to declare form to Amy Raedeke

Major checklist