How do I drop my STEM Minor in Education?

Complete the “Request for Drop of a Major/Minor” form, which can found along with other student forms just outside of the Education Department Undergraduate Advisor’s office (McHenry 2163). Also available here:

Submit your completed form to our Undergraduate Advisor. The advisor will review your form and update your information on the AIS/MYUCSC system.  You will receive a copy of the completed form, which will include the advisor’s signature and the date in which you were effectively dropped from the Education Minor.

If you choose to drop your completed “Request for Drop of a Major/Minor” form in the drop-box outside of the advisor’s office, you must send an email to to notify the advisor that you have taken this step.  In the email, be sure to provide your full name, UCSC Student ID, your reason for dropping, and phone number where you can be reached in the event that the advisor has any questions. If you do not take this important step, the department cannot guarantee that the minor will be dropped from your academic record.