The Education Department's instructional programs are designed to engage students deeply in educational theory, research, and practice for a multilingual, multicultural society. We embrace sociocultural perspectives on schools, society, and research in order to emphasize the centrality of language, community, and social contexts in teaching, learning, and education. Our primary objective is to improve educational opportunities for low-income and culturally and linguistically diverse students, and the teachers who serve them.

We offer three instructional programs. Our Education Major and Minors offers undergraduate students opportunities to prepare for careers in teaching or affiliated professions (e.g., educational research or social policy work). Our highly regarded Master’s Degree with California Teaching Credential prepares about 75 teachers each year to integrate theory and practice for high quality teaching. Our Ph.D. Program develops researchers whose commitments to educational equity and cutting-edge theory are expanded and deepened through coursework, research apprenticeships, and professional mentoring.