MA/C Admitted Student Welcome

Congratulations, we are pleased to have you join the 2020-2021 UCSC MA/Credential Program!

The UCSC MA/Credential Program is intensive, full-time, and twelve months in duration. The 2020-2021 MA/Credential Program begins Monday, July 20, 2020, and ends Friday, July 9, 2021 After successfully completing all of the requirements, you will exit the program with a California SB2042 Preliminary Teaching Credential and a Master of Arts Degree in Education.

During the first and last summer quarter, you will complete coursework only, however, during the academic year, you will attend UCSC classes and complete your student teaching practicum in a local school. During fall quarter, you will complete Beginning Student Teaching; during winter quarter, Intermediate Student Teaching; and in the spring you will be in your student teaching placement full-time as you complete Advanced Student Teaching.

Please note: Although Fall classes do not begin until September, you will also complete 10 hours of classroom observation in your new placement sometime between mid-August and the first week of September—the dates depend upon local school district calendars which have not yet been published.  

Our New Student Orientation and the Office of Financial Aid presentation will take place on the first day of classes, Monday, July 20th, from TBA.

Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment Workshop Tuesday, July 22th, from TBA. 

Student Teaching Orientation will take place on Wednesday, August 5th tentative.   

Please review  Admitted - Now What? for important next steps towards your MA and teaching credential!