MA/C Admitted Student Welcome

Congratulations, we are pleased to have you join the 2024-2025 UCSC MA/Credential Program!

The 2024-2025 MA/Credential Program begins Monday, July 22, 2024 and ends Friday, July 18, 2025After successful completion of program requirements, candidates exit the program with a California SB 2042 Preliminary Teaching Credential and a Master of Arts Degree in Education.

Please note: Although Fall Quarter classes do not begin until late September or early October, some MA/Credential Program classes begin after Labor Day.  

New Student Orientation will takes place during the first week of classes, Tuesday July 23rd, 1pm to 5pm and Friday July 26th, 1pm to 5pm (location TBD).

Student Teaching Orientations

Friday, August 2nd, time and location TBD


Please review  Admitted - Now What? for important next steps towards your MA and teaching credential!