MA/C Information Night

The Education department holds a fall quarter information night each year for those applying to its one-year Masters in Education plus Teaching Credential Program.

Anyone interested in becoming a teacher via this excellent graduate program is invited to attend.

To be informed when the Fall 2017 information night is scheduled, complete the notification form below.

In the meantime, everything needed to prepare your application is available to you in the links on the left. You should be working on admission requirements now, even if you are still an undergraduate. PLAN AHEAD!

Review the provided information and if you have specific questions, send to

                      • Be notified that the UCSC MA/C Program is very selective and all applicants are encouraged to review requirements at multiple schools and apply to more than one program.

                      • We are strongly encouraging applicants who are satisfying Subject Matter Competency and the CA Basic Skills Requirement by exam(s) to complete the exams early enough to receive passing scores in time to include with their applications. This will make your application more competitive.