International Student Orientation

  • This orientation is mandatory for all new international grad students.

    Monday, 9/19/2016, 9am - 4pm, Baskin Engineering

    Schedule and Online Registration

  • Campus New Graduate Student & TA Orientation

  • Tuesday, 9/20/2016, 8:30am - 4pm, Classroom Unit 2    (Register by September 5)

    Attendance is required (8:30am-1pm) for all incoming Education doctoral students. Lunch follows at 1pm. 

    Tentative Schedule

    Online Registration, Agenda, Handouts

  • Education Department PhD Orientation

  • Wednesday, 9/21/2016, 10:00 - 5:30pm, McHenry 0266


    10:00-noon  Meet with Department Staff
                        Fiona Weigant, Ann McCardy, Bryony Cohelan
                        keys/door access, offices, department logistics, employment & more
    noon-12:20  BREAK
    12:20-1:30  Meet with Department Faculty (lunch will be provided)
    1:30-2:00    Meet with ITS technician
    2:00-3:00    Graduate Director Judit Moschkovich and Ann McCardy, PhD Advisor
                        Introduction to PhD Program
    3:00-3:15    BREAK
    3:15-4:15    Q&A with current PhD Students
    4:20-5:00    Appointment with faculty advisor

    Happy Hour & Dinner

  • Courses & Enrollment

  • Education Courses
    Campus Schedule of Classes

    Full-time students who have not advanced to candidacy must enroll in a minimum of 10 units per quarter (two seminars). You're encouraged, but not required, to take 15 units (three seminars), if possible. If you TA, check with your advisor about whether to enroll in two or three courses.  If you enroll in only two courses, they should usually be the required courses since most courses are offered in a two-year rotation, and only a few courses (235, 237) are offered every year. Most students should be able to complete the required coursework within the first two years.

    FALL 2016

    235* - Introduction to Educational Inquiry (r/m)  Judy Scott  (Mon 9:30-12:30, McH3170)
    261 - Teaching and Learning  (r/f)  Doris Ash  ( Mon 2-5, McH3170)
    263 - Educational Reform (elective) Ron Glass  (Wed 205, McH 0266)

    WINTER 2017
    237* - Qualitative Research Methods (r/m)  Lora Bartlett
    262 - Social & Cultural Context of Education (r/f) Cindy Cruz
    268 - Schools, Communities, and Families (elective)  June Gordon

    SPRING 2017
    256 - Intermediate Qualitative Methods (r/m)  Brad Olsen
    280 - Language & Literacy Across Disciplines (elective) George Bunch

    Key to Required Coursework

    * offered every year
    r/f: 4 required foundation course - 261, 262, 250, 272
    r/m: 5 required methods course - 235, 236, 237, 255, 256
    electives: 5 required with at least three from this list: 263, 264, 268, 280, 286, 295

    Independent Studies
    If your advisor recommends an independent study, in addition to the regular seminars, submit an independent study form (hard copy or email) signed by your advisor.  When you submit this to the graduate advisor, you will receive an enrollment code via email.

  • TO DO

  • Check My UCSC for your To Do list.

    Residency Determination
    Some new students - other than international students - will need to complete CA residency determination. Please check your portal To Do list; if required, complete the Statement of Legal Residence and submit as instructed.  Don't delay if you see this requirement. Until you're determined to be a CA resident, non-resident tuition charges will appear in the portal. 

    ID Cards and Stickers
    Photos for ID cards are taken at ID Card Services, next to the Bay Tree Bookstore (see site for dates and hours). When you get your photo ID, you'll also get a fall enrollment sticker. In subsequent quarters, you'll pick up your enrollment sticker from the graduate advisor after you've enrolled and paid fees. With a current sticker, you can ride the Santa Cruz County METRO bus, use the OPERS recreation facilities, and use the campus libraries.


  • For more information, contact PhD Advisor Ann McCardy