Judith A Scott
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    • Education Department
  • Affiliations Crown College, American Indian Resource Center
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    • McHenry Library, Rm 3128
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    • 1156 High Street
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  • Faculty Areas of Expertise Education, Language Development, Learning and Learning Theory, Social Justice, Teacher Education, Writing, Language Processing, Human Computer Interaction, School Reform and School Policy
  • Courses Undergrad: EDUC 125: Multicultural Children’s Literature for K-8 Classrooms; MA/C: EDUC 220: Reading and Language Arts for Elementary Classrooms; PhD: EDUC 235: Introduction to Educational Inquiry; PhD: EDUC 261: Thinking, learning and teaching

Summary of Expertise

My work centers on vocabulary acquisition and blending vocabulary instruction with effective teacher education within the context of language, literacy and culture.

Research Interests

I have been the Principal Investigator of four large grants funded by the United States Department of Education/National Center for Educational Research and the State of California.

The VINE project (2006-2010) involved fourth and fifth grade teachers and students from nine school districts, with mixed ethnic and high poverty populations. The focus was to help teachers create classroom conditions that foster metacognitive awareness of how words work in English.

In VASE (2010-2014), we developed a new method of vocabulary assessment, derived from work in the VINE project. In VASE we assess  incremental knowledge about words using principled selection of items based on the curriculum covered in a grade level, word frequency, morphology, part of speech, and other characteristics of words. 

Teaching with Computers: Word Annotations for Vocabulary Education (tecWAVE) was a joint project with the Computer Science department at UCSC. We created a software program, used in middle school science and English Language Development classrooms, to help students understand unfamiliar words encountered in context. When the student clicks on a word, a pop-up window displays definitions of the word appropriate to the context, native language translations, and several pictures. The goal is to improve both comprehension of the text and word learning. 

Information about these three projects is available at <vineconsortium.org>

The Alliance for Language and Literacy Instruction Effecting Standards (ALLIES) was a collaborative partnership with Pajaro Valley Unified School District, the Santa Cruz County Office of Education, the UCSC Writing Program , the UCSC Education Department and the Central California Writing Project. In ALLIES we worked with secondary teachers to facilitate strong writing instruction and the integration of the California Common Core State Standards. Information about this work, and my work as the PI of the Central California Writing Project, is available at <ccwritingproject.org>

I'm also consulting with the Google Sales Mastery Team to help them create better assessments for their employees. 

Biography, Education and Training

I am currently the Chair of the Academic Senate Committee on Career Advising, the Director of the Vocabulary Innovations in Education Consortium, and Principal Investigator of the Central California Writing Project.  I have been the Chair of Undergraduate Programs in Education, Graduate Director for the Ph.D. program and Chair of the Language, Literacy and Culture specialization. Prior to coming to UC-Santa Cruz, I was an Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada, from 1991-2000. There, I helped create the Early Literacy Network with 52 school districts, and the Reading 44 program, which is used throughout the province. I was the Co-Director of a Professional Development Institute in California that served over 350 new and veteran teachers for three years, focused on English Language learning using teacher inquiry and coaching.

Honors, Awards and Grants

2006 John Chorlton Manning Public School Service Award, International Reading Association

2011-2012 Principal Investigator, Alliance for Language and Literacy Instruction Effecting Standards (ALLIES). California Postsecondary Commission. Improving Teacher Quality Grant ($249,984)

2009-2012 Principal Investigator, Measuring vocabulary knowledge with testlets: A new tool for assessment. United States Department of Education: Institute of Education Sciences National Center for Educational Research. Reading and Writing Education Research Grant-Goal 5: Measurement and Assessment. ($2,036,502)

2008-2011 Principal Investigator, Explicit Scaffolding for Word Learning in Context through Multimedia Multilingual Word Annotation. The tecWAVE project (TEaching with Computers: Word Annotations for Vocabulary Education). United States Department of Education: Institute of Education Sciences National Center for Educational Research. Educational Technology Research Grant. ($1,493,113)

2006-2009 Principal Investigator, Vocabulary Development Through Writing: A Key to Academic Success. The VINE project (Vocabulary Innovations in Education). United States Department of Education: Institute of Education Sciences National Center for Educational Research. Reading and Writing Education Research Grant. ($1,402,553)

Teaching Interests

My teaching covers all program areas, mentoring undergraduate, credential/MA and doctoral students.