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Brittany Meghan Caldwell
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Summary of Expertise


                  My work specializes in looking at teaching mathemtics to young children.  I have worked as a research assistant at San Jose State University and engaged in vairous research projects through my doctoral program at University of California, Santa Cruz.  My passion and love for ealry learning drive my research and commitment to this work.  


2016          Second Year Research Project: Mathematics from the Early Educators Perspective: Beliefs and Attitudes of Pre-Service and In-Service Elementary Teachers. University of California, Santa Cruz. 


2015          EMERG Project, Stanford University & University of California, Santa Cruz 

2015          Observations of Monterey Bay Area Mathematics Project (MBAMP) Summer Conference, Santa Cruz, CA

2014          Master’s Thesis Project, The Influence of Socioeconomic Factors on the Development of Early Number Concepts. San José State University

2013-14     Research Assistant, San José State University, Children’s Early Math Achievement: The Role of Number Words and Number Concepts. San José State University

Research Interests

Early education (PreK-3rdgrades)      

Early mathematics education 

Teacher development

Teachers practice, beliefs, and attitudes towards mathematics

Learning through play

Professional development

Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI)

Children’s early mathematics learning

Honors, Awards and Grants


2019          QE Writing Fellowship, University of California, Santa Cruz

2018          Graduate Pedagogy Fellow, University of California, Santa Cruz

2014-15     Regents’ Fellowship, University of California, Santa Cruz

2013-14     Bertha Kalm Scholarship, San José State University

2013-14     Graduate Equity Fellowship, San José State University