Petition for a Course Exception

  • Students may petition to substitute a maximum of two courses
  • Substitutions for upper-division courses must be:
    • upper-division, yield 5 quarter units (or equivalent)
    • education course(s), education-related course(s), or include a strong educational focus that connects learning and teaching in some way
    • include relevant readings and rigorous assignments comparable to a UCSC Education Department upper-division education course
    • taught by department faculty (not a student run course)
  • If the course was taken at another institution, it must be transferable to UCSC.
  • Traditional Internships typically will not count 
  • Individual Studies Courses in the Education Department must also be petitioned to substitute for an elective.

Petition Process:

  1. Complete a Petition for Exception Form
  2. Additional documentation:
    • Letter of Explanation (Half to one-page explanation detailing the reason for your request and why the course(s) should meet the requirements for substitution)
    • Official Catalog Description of Course(s)
    • Syllabus for the Course(s) - (must include assigned readings and corresponding assignments)
    • A screen shot of UCSC Education courses completed (from MyUCSC).
    • Supplemental Materials if applicable:
      1. EAP course description (for study abroad courses)
      2. Signed Individual Studies Course Petition (Any EDUC course numbered 190-199)
  3. Email the completed documents to 


  • Petitions are reviewed monthly (October through June)
  • Decisions will be sent via email after review
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