The UCSC MA/Credential Program prepares future teachers to do the following:

  • See students' varying abilities, interests, and perspectives as resources for learning and teaching.
  • Engage their K-12 students with challenging curriculum in meaningful ways.
  • Include innovative approaches to instructional practices, lessons design, and performance assessment.
  • Engage their K-12 students in the critical analysis of social issues aimed at building a just and democratic society.

The preliminary Multiple Subjects teaching credential program*: 

Prepares candidates to be an elementary school teacher who teaches in self-contained classrooms, typically grades K-8, where all subjects are taught by the same teacher.

The preliminary Single Subject teaching credential program*: 

Prepares candidates to be secondary school teachers who teach in a departmentalized setting where the teacher is generally responsible for one subject area, typically grades 7-12 (middle school and high school).  The single subject credential is offered in the following areas:

  • Social Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science

*Bilingual Authorization (in Spanish) available.

For the annual Title II Institutional Report, including results for UC Santa Cruz, see Annual Report Card on California Teacher Preparation Programs For the Academic Year 2015-2016