MA/C Program Learning Outcomes

MA/Credential Program graduates will:

  1. Develop pedagogical skills for teaching specific content
  2. Monitor student learning during instruction
  3. Interpret and use assessment of student learning
  4. Use instructional strategies, activities, and resources that make content accessible to students
  5. Engage students in their learning through active and equitable participation
  6. Utilize developmentally appropriate teaching practices
  7. Understand and apply theories, principles and instructional practices that promote English learners’ language development and access to core content
  8. Learn about students and plan instruction based on their backgrounds, needs and abilities by strategically selecting and planning activities, materials and resources
  9. Create and maintain effective environments for student learning
  10. Integrate pedagogical theory, research and practice in planning, instruction and assessment
  11. Develop as self-reflective, professional, and ethical educators responsible for student learning