Credential Options

Candidates are admitted into one of the following combined MA/Credential tracks:

Elementary (Multiple Subject) Credential

The preliminary multiple subject teaching credential for elementary school teachers qualifies candidates to teach in self-contained elementary classrooms, typically in grades K-5 where all subjects are taught by the same teacher.

Secondary (Single Subject) Credential

The preliminary single subject teaching credential for secondary teachers is used in a departmentalized setting, typically in grades 6-12 where the teacher is generally responsible for teaching one subject. The single subject program offers the following subject areas:

  • Mathematics
    • Single Subject Mathematics Credential - Subject matter competency in mathematics is a prerequisite to being fully admitted to the single subject credential program in mathematics.  Candidates are allowed to teach all middle and high school math courses.
    • Foundational Mathematics Credential - The foundational credential allows candidates to teach middle school mathematics and some high school mathematics including general mathematics, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, and consumer mathematics.
  • English
  • Social Sciences
  • Science
    • Single Subject Science Credentials - Subject matter competency in science is a prerequisite to being fully admitted to the single subject credential program in science. Candidates select one of the following credential areas:
      • Biological/Life Sciences
      • Chemistry
      • Geosciences
      • Physics
    • Foundational Science Credential - A Single Subject Teaching Credential in Foundational-Level General Science authorizes teaching only in general, introductory, and integrated science (integrated science through Grade 8 only).

Bilingual Authorization Program for MA/Credential Candidates

The Bilingual Authorization Program prepares MA/Credential candidates in either the Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential Program to add a Bilingual Authorization in Spanish. This program prepares qualified candidates to teach in Spanish/English bilingual settings. Through a three-quarter sequence of bilingual coursework and bilingual field study practicum, candidates develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities related to the context of bilingual education, bilingualism and bilingual methodology.

Programs of study are subject to change.