Undergraduate Enrollment

Undergraduate Student Enrollment in MA/Credential Program Courses

Per California Education Code Section 44320(a), undergraduate students of any California State University or University of California campus are allowed to enroll in any MA/Credential course.

Qualified undergraduate students who wish to enroll in an MA/Credential course should contact the Director of Teacher Education to determine if the student is suitably qualified for the course of interest.

If it is determined that the undergraduate student has sufficient knowledge and experience, as well as access to necessary course requirements (e.g. methods courses require access to TK-12 classrooms in order to complete course assignments), the undergraduate student will be referred to the MA/C Program Coordinator. UCSC students will be provided an add code, and non-UCSC students will be provided information on how to enroll through UCSC Extension Open Campus/Concurrent Enrollment. Admission requires approval by the course instructor.