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The Plenary: Inquiry into Pedagogy, Practice, and Policy

The Plenary is an online space for the UCSC Education Department to engage in dialogue and scholarly debate over relevant education topics. We encourage participation from faculty and students--undergraduate, masters, and doctoral--and from individuals throughout the Social Sciences and Humanities divisions.

Launch date:  January 13th 2015

Visit The Plenary at:

This project is made possible in part by the UCSC Education Department's Blue and Gold Research Group Seed Grant.

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The Ph.D. Online Application is now closed.

The MA/C Online Application is now closed.  Offers will be sent out by April 15th 2015.

Our Programs

Undergraduate Programs 
For UCSC Undergraduate Students interested in educational topics

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Master of Arts/Credential 
For post-baccalaureate students interested in a career in teaching

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Doctoral (Ph.D.) Program
For those interested in the department's doctoral research program

Program Learning Outcomes for PhD in Education Program

Department Calendar

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The Education Department is located in McHenry Library

Please stop by and visit our department's beautiful new space. We look forward to seeing you.

The Education Department hosts monthly colloquiums as well as informational events for individuals interested in our academic programs. Visit the Education Department Calendar, to see our scheduled events.

Opportunities in Education

Employment Opportunity:  Summer Session 2015 Lecturer Call - due to <> by January 15th 2015

EDUC 135  Gender and Education

EDUC 141  Bilingualism and Schooling

EDUC 173  Seminar in Critical Pedagogy

EDUC 140  Language, Diversity and Learning

Employment Opportunity: T03-34 Lecturer - ongoing