2019-20 Education Ph.D. Courses
  FALL 2019       WINTER 2020       SPRING 2020  
Req. Methods 235 Intro to Educational Inquiry Judy Scott   Req. Methods 236 Quantitative Research Methods Eddie Mosqueda   Req. Methods 255 Intermediate Quantitative Methods Eddie Mosqueda
Req. Foundations 250 Teaching and Teachers Kip Tellez   Req. Foundations 237 Qualitative Research Methods Lora Bartlett   Req. Methods 272 Language in Education and Society Cynthia Lewis
Elective 286 Research in STEM Education Judit Moschkovich   Elective 264 Research on Teacher Development and Teacher Education Brad Olsen   Elective 295 Critical Perspectives on Education Ron Glass

Courses/schedules subject to change.  Please see days/times here as each quarter goes live.