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September 20, 2012

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Dear Education Department Slug,

We hope this note finds you well.  We have a date for our Second Annual UCSC Education Department Alumni gathering! Please mark your calendars.

This is the same, terrific location as last year.  We hope you can attend. Also like last year, there is no charge, but if you can make it, please send a reply to this email ( from your permanent email address and include your name in the text of the message.
This year's event will recognize two UCSC Education Department alumni, one a “veteran” educator and the other a “rising star” (less than five years since graduation). Our UCSC graduates have had amazing professional achievements, so it will be great to recognize a couple of them each year at our November gathering.

If you know of alumni (either a “veteran” or a “rising star”) who deserve some recognition, please follow this link and complete the form. If the above link does not work, please copy and paste ( into your browser URL bar.

We are also looking for alums to help in selecting these awards, as well as joining our event committee.   Please respond to this email if you’d like to help.  (Thanks to those of you who have already volunteered.)

The postings on our Facebook page are growing, so take a moment to read about your fellow alums and add your own updates.

As we begin another school year with so much uncertainty, it's good to know that our friendships don't depend on tax initiatives.


Eric Gross Carol Ortiz Natalie Bernasconi  
President Vice President Secretary
Credential, 1993 Credential, 1995 EdD, 2010