Rekia Jibrin

Summary of Expertise

Critical Social Theory

Violence and Critical Intersections of Race, Gender, and Class in Education

Decolonial, Anticolonial, Black Feminist Thought, Black Radical Thought in Education

Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

Urban Education


Research Interests

Antiblackness and education; theorizations of violence, punishment, and care in schooling; race and neoliberalism; restorative justice in education; ethnic studies in education, racial capitalism; youth cultures in schooling; sociogeny

Biography, Education and Training

Ph.D. Social and Cultural Studies of Education, UC Berkeley

B.A. Tufts University


Honors, Awards and Grants

(2022-2023) - EVC Writing Fellows Program, UCSC; (2023-2024) - Faculty Research Grant (Committee on Research); (2022-2023) - Principal Investigator, Office of Research Seed Funding, UCSC; (2022-2023) - Principal Investigator, Faculty Research Grant (Committee on Research), UCSC; (2022-2023) - Principal Investigator, Institute of Social Transformation Sprouts Grant, UCSC; (2020-2021) Concha Delgado Gaitán Presidential Fellow, awarded by the Council on Anthropology and Education (CAE) of the American Anthropological Association; 




Selected Publications

Jibrin, Rekia. “Ain’t I a Feminist?: The Politics of Gender Violence, Anti-violence, and

Education in Oakland.” Special issue: “Embodying Violence”. Gender, Place and

Culture—A Journal of Feminist Geography, June 2017.


Jibrin, Rekia. “An Open Letter to Alameda County’s Plaintiff’s Bar: ‘What is Black life

worth today?’” The Verdict, Association of Southern California Defense Counsel. Spring



“The Possibilities and Challenges Implementing Restorative Justice in Schools.” Discipline Over Punishment: Successes and Struggles with Restorative Justice in

Schools. Trevor Gardner. Rowman and Little Publishers. 2016, 95-105.


Jibrin, Rekia & Salem, Sara, “Revisiting Intersectionality: Implications for Theory and

Praxis.” Trans-Scripts Journal, “Race and Gender Revisited,” June 2015.


“Disciplinary Learning and Youth Cultural Resources”. Nancy Ares. Youth-full

Production: Cultural Practices, Agency, and the Construction of Social Space. Peter

Lang Publishing, 2010, 235-243.

Selected Recordings


Rekia Jibrin, Amanda Lashaw, and Andrea Vazquez. "New Approaches to the Study of Anti-Blackness in Education". Virtual podcast conference session at the American Anthropological Association (AAA) 2021 Annual Meeting. This session explored the different and contested ways that anti-Blackness is theorized in the field of education. (Co-sponsored by the Council on Anthropology and Education & the Society for The Anthropology of North America.)