Winter & Spring 2021


  • Benjamin James presented with Dr. Bunch's research group at an AERA symposium on Defining and Supporting English Learners in Community Colleges: Perspectives From Instructors, Administrators, and Student Support Professionals

    Coles, J.A., de Roock, R.S., Malone, H.L.S, Musser, A. (In press). Critical literacy and abolition. In J.Z. Pandya, R.A. Mora, J. Alford, N.A. Golden, & R.S. de Roock (Eds.). The critical literacies handbook. New York, NY: Routledge.

    de Roock, R.S. (2021) On the material consequences of (digital) literacy: Digital writing with, for, and against racial capitalism, Theory Into Practice, 60:2, 183-193,DOI: 10.1080/00405841.2020.1857128

    Roberto de Roock’s current research project, which I describe broadly as Abolitionist Pedagogies, draws on the Black radical tradition and abolitionist visions to interrogate dominant theories around education as both a human phenomenon and institution, exploring the problematics, politics, possibilities of learning in formal and informal educational settings as well as movements spaces. Preliminary work can be seen in two of my recent publications theorizing digital writing and classroom literacy pedagogy from an abolitionist standpoint. 

    Erath, K., Ingram, J., Moschkovich, J., & Prediger, S. (2021). Designing and enacting instruction that enhances language for mathematics learning – A review of the state of development and research. ZDM, The International Journal on Mathematics Education.

    Huitzilopochtli, S., Foxworthy-Gonzalez, J., Moschkovich, J.N., McHugh, S.R., & Callanan, M.A. (in press).  Noticing multilingual and non-dominant students’ strengths for learning mathematics and science.  In A. Essien & A. Msimanga’s (Eds.) Multilingual education yearbook 2021: Policy and practice in STEM multilingual contexts. Springer.  

    Lang, N. W. (2021, April 10). Considering affordances for language learning: Expanding Notions of translanguaging in newcomer classrooms. In Science and math instructions in Bilingual Contexts [Conference session]. The American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting.

    Lang, N. W., Kenner, K., & Bunch, G.C. (2021, April 8). “Are we English teachers, or are we engineering teachers?”: Perspectives on multilingual students’ writing across the disciplines in community college. In Writing and disciplinarity [Conference session]. The American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting.

    Lora BartlettCynthia Lewis, and Judit Moschkovich, were featured in Tuesday Newsday on May 4, 2021 in an article that shared our thoughts and research about teaching and learning in schools and community organizations during the COVID pandemic.

    Moschkovich, J.N. & Scott, J. (in press). Language issues in mathematics word problems for English Learners. To appear in A. Fritz-Stratmann, E. Gürsoy and M. Herzog (Eds.), Diversity Dimensions in Mathematics and Language Learning: Perspectives on Culture, Education and Multilingualism. DeGruyter Press.

    Nolan Higdon submitted a manuscript with co-author Nicholas Baham III titled The Podcasters’ Dilemma: Podcasts as Spaces of Decolonization, to Wiley Press. It explores how media makers are using podcasting as a space of decolonization and is scheduled for publication in the fall.

    Nolan Hidgon also published “Time to put your marketing cap on: Mapping digital corporate media curriculum in the age of surveillance capitalism,” with my co-authored with Allison Butler for the Review of Education Pedagogy and Cultural Studies. It analyzes corporate media literacy curriculum.

    Patthoff, A., Castillo, J., Treviño, A., (in press). Dual Language Teachers' Use of Technology to Facilitate Mathematical Discourse. Computers in the Schools. 

    Race, A., Beltran, R., & Zavaleta, E. (in press). How an early, inclusive field course can build persistence in ecology and evolutionary biology. Journal of Integrative and Comparative Biology.

    Sabati, Sheeva, Farima Pour-Khorshid, Erica Meiners, & Chrissy AZ Hernandez (in press). “Dismantle, Change and Build: Lessons for Growing Abolition in Teacher Education” Advancing Equity and Democracy in Teacher Education (Special Issue), Teachers College Record.

    Sabati, Sheeva ”Return, Neutrality, Inclusion or Transformation? Rethinking Intellectual Diversity in Higher Education” (in press), in Equity, Freedom, and Inclusion in Higher Education: Cases and Commentaries in Educational Ethics, edited by Rebecca M. Taylor and Ashley F. Kuntz. Harvard Education Press.

    Severance, S. (2021). Learning with purpose: Orienting student agency towards community solidarity in a secondary science curriculum. In E. de Vries, J. Ahn, & Y. Hod (Eds.), 15th international conference of the learning sciences – ICLS 2021 (pp. forthcoming). International Society of the Learning Sciences.

    Severance, S. (in press). Orienting student agency towards community solidarity in a secondary science curriculum. Proceedings of the International Society of the Learning Sciences Conference. This work on citizen science arose from collaborations on campus as a part of the New Gen Learning consortium.

  • Grants and Awards/Honors

  • As President of PES, Professor Glass will preside over the 2022 Philosophy of Education Society Annual Meeting, from March 9-14, 2022 in San Jose, California. The theme of the meeting highlights philosophical engagement with/in “social spaces where cultures meet, clash, and grapple with each other, often in contexts of highly asymmetrical relations of power, such as colonialism, slavery, or their aftermaths as they are lived out in many parts of the world today,” which critical anthropologist Mary Louise Pratt defined as “contact zones.” 

    Samuel Severance was awarded Small grant from Spencer Foundation ($50,000). Co-PI of study with PI Linnea Beckett (Assistant Adjunct Professor in Colleges 9 and 10). Work explores how primarily Latinx gardeners use and share STEM practices in a challenge to dominant notions of who does STEM, where, and for what purposes. Title of grant: "Community-Engaged Transformative Learning with Informal STEM in School-Based Community Garden."

    Samuel Severance is a Hellman Fellowship recipient ($10,000). Sole PI of study. Work examines how to organize the design and implementation of an elementary ecosystems unit anchored around native pollinator species in collaboration with local teachers and community members. Title of grant: "Creating Sustainable Buzz for Science Learning: Piloting an Elementary Project-Based Ecology Unit Supporting Native Bee Populations."

    Sheeva Sabati (with Steve McKay) was awarded a UC VOICE Initiative Grant for the Oakes CARA Program by the University of California National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement. 

  • Keynote Presentations

  • Moschkovich, J.N. (2021, July). Language and Learning Mathematics: A Socio-Cultural Approach to Academic Literacy in Mathematics. Invited lecture for the 14 th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME) Shanghai, China.

  • Events

  • The History & Civics Project [HCP] hosted several events for educators that addressed the fast-breaking issues of the day. These included, in partnership with the CHSSP network,  “Discord and Crisis: The Insurrection on Capitol Hill'' held January 8; a three part workshop, with partners at the UC Irvine History Project,  “Building Students’ Media Literacy for Civic Engagement;” “Teaching Economics with Professor Rob Fairlie,” and a two part regional series on “Teaching Environmental Literacy and Justice.”  Current MA/Credential students participated in several of these events and we were also glad to see alumni of the program! A highlight of Spring quarter was presenting work done in collaboration with the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and Professors Judith Scott and Renya Ramirez in a session at the Teaching History Conference 2021, titled,  “Transforming the Teaching of the California Missions: Essential Collaborations to Teach from an Indigenous Perspective.” The HCP team includes Founding Director Daisy Martin, PI George Bunch, Program Manager Emily Howe, Campus Fellow Charley Brooks, and program associate David Duncan.

  • Graduate Students Accomplishments and Presentations

  • Adria Patthoff, Liana Balloffet, Benjamin James, and Christina Hewko join current UCSC fellows Charley Brooks and Kim Vachon in the California Teacher Education Improvement Network (CTERIN) Emerging Teacher Educator (ETE) Fellowship Program.

    Benjamin James was re-elected as Region 5 Representative on Board of Directors for the California Council of the Social Studies 

    Bre Aguilar, Politics Major, Education Minor, and member of next year's MA/C cohort was awarded a UCSC Koret Scholarship. Bre is working with Sheeva Sabati on a project entitled "Santa Cruz Ethnic Studies Curriculum: Uplifting The Resistance of Marginalized Communities".

    Bunch, G.C., Kenner, K.A., Raufman, J., Cantero, L.A.Lang, N.W., James, B.M., Roman, A., Brathwaite, J.R., Edgecombe, N. (2021, April 12). Defining and supporting English learners in community colleges: Perspectives from instructors, administrators, and student support professionals. In R. M. Callahan (Chair), Immigrant ever–English learner students in higher education: Policy levers in access, interventions, interactions, transfer, and understanding [Symposium]. American Educational Research Association 2021 Annual Meeting. 

    Caroline Spurgin has been accepted to participate in the Sandra K. Abell Institute for Doctoral Students.  The institute is sponsored by NARST, a worldwide organization for improving science teaching and learning through research. The 2021 Abell Institute will connect Mentors to Fellows who will work together on alternative ways to conceptualize research in science teaching and learningn informed by critical, feminist, Indigenous, interpretive, linguistic, cultural, and anti-oppressive perspectives. 

    Melissa Švigelj-Smith was selected to be in the inaugural cohort of UCSC Graduate Legal Studies Fellows for her project, "Seeking Educational Justice for Youth in Adult Jails." This exciting new program supports UCSC graduate students from any department whose research engages the interdisciplinary field of law and society. Melissa's research interrogates how the law under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act conflicts with (il)legal and (mis)educational policy and practices in adult county jails that violate youth civil rights and deepen persisting racial and class injustices through which youth get access to education and services despite their protected rights in childhood.