Balance Lesson

Teacher: Lorena Reyes
Subject and grade level: Science, 2nd grade
Location: Oakland, CA
Brief Description: Science lesson on balance (physical science)
Classroom context: 20 second grade students; all the students are considered English learners (4 Early Intermediate, 13 Intermediate, and 3 Early Advanced); elementary school in an urban area in Northern California.
Curriculum: Lesson plan (adapted from the FOSS Curriculum's Balance and Motion Unit)
Learning goals:

Science Learning Goals:
1. Students will come to know and understand that the position of an object can be described by locating it in relation to another object. (PS1A)
2. Students will come to know and understand that counterweights positioned in certain ways can help balance an object. (PS1A)
3. Students will come to know and understand that scientific progress is made by conducting careful investigations. (PS6A,PS 6G)

Language learning Goals:
1. Students will be able to communicate effectively with classmates and the teacher about their findings. (ELD2, ELD3)
2. Students will be able to use concepts and academic vocabulary to complete writing activities that support concept development related to the study of balance.(ELD1, ELD3)
3. Students will be able to follow multi-step directions given verbally and in written form. (ELD3)

Video transcripts: Part 1 | Part 2

Note: To honor the teachers and students represented in the video, please keep the complex nature of teaching in mind, and to be constantly aware that there is much information not available to the video viewer. Thus, it is neither respectful or helpful to jump to large generalizations about the practice viewed. We suggest using a language of tentativeness when discussing video records of practice, and cultivating a stance of questioning and inquiry when analyzing the teaching we observe.

Part 1: Lesson Launch (12:29)


Part 2: Investigate and Report (16:12)


  1. The unedited lesson video length was about 90 minutes long.
  2. This lesson was part of a larger unit on balance and motion that used FOSS curriculum materials.