Multimedia Representations of ELLISA Instructional Practices

Science Lesson

Science Lessons

Ms. Nickerson's 2/3 Combo Class 

Night sky lesson
Meet the crayfish lesson
Comparing crayfish and land snails

Ms. Reyes' 2nd Grade Class

Lesson on balancing an object
Lesson on rolling systems

Ms. Lyon's 5th Grade Class

Introduction to separating mixtures lesson
Separating mixtures challenge lesson

Math Lessons

Ms. Cosio's 2nd Grade Class

Division lesson
Anchoring on ten lesson 

Ms. Lam's 2nd Grade Class

Addition with regrouping lesson

Ms. Bali's 5th Grade Class

Percent lesson
Area of rectangles
Area of rectangles, parallelograms and triangles

Mr. Rubio's 5th Grade Class

Subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping
Polygon lesson
Quadrilateral lesson

Social Studies Lessons

Ms. Becker's First Grade Class

Transportation then and now
Schools then and now

Ms. Godfrey's 5th Grade Class

Introduction to the Native Americans Unit  
Washington Redskins Controversy

Mr. Rubio's 5th Grade Class

American History Lesson - Pilgrims & Puritans

Other clips:

Ms. Stoddard's 2nd Grade Class

Math talk about the fraction 1/2

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