Math lesson on mixed number operations

Teacher: Osvaldo Rubio
Subject and grade level: Math, 5th grade
Location: San Jose, CA
Brief Description: Math lesson on subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping
Classroom context:

5th grade class; 29 students; 5 native English speakers; 9 English learners (all intermediate level or higher), and 15 Reclassified Fluent-English-Proficient (FEP) students; dual-immersion (Spanish-English) elementary school in an urban/suburban community in Northern California. This lesson took place in October, about two months into the new school year.

Mr. Rubio taught two sections of 5th grade math, two sections of 5th grade social studies, a two sections of Spanish language arts each day.

Part 1 Warm-up problems and review


Part 2 Subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping