Education Minor

The Education Minor is an undergraduate course of study that explores the history of educational thought and philosophy, the politics and economics of education, theories of cognition, learning and pedagogy, and issues of cultural and linguistic diversity in Education. It is designed to provide opportunities to examine basic questions, theories, practices, and research in the field of education.

Although a Minor in Education does not confer or necessarily lead to a California Teaching Credential, it provides a foundation and experience for graduate programs. UCSC's Master's/Credential Program

Total Minor Requirements: (6 courses, 30 credits)

Initial Lower Division Course (5 credits)

  1. EDUC 60: Schooling, Democracy, and Justice
 (5 credits)
    • Pre-requisite for EDUC 180
    • Offered in Fall and Spring quarter

Students can declare the minor while enrolled in Educ60 if declared in major

Intro to Teaching Requirement (5 credits)

  1. EDUC 180: Introduction to Teaching
 (5 credits)
    • Offered in Fall and Winter quarter
    • Includes 30 hour observation practicum at a local K-12 school to completed over 7-8 weeks (Please account for extra time to travel to school sites in addtition to the 30 hours spent observing a clasroom)
      • Additional requirements (info sent out to enrolled students prior to start of the quarter):
        1. Live scan fingerprinting: (Please wait for instructions emailed from the Department Advisor. Cost ~ $70-80)
        2. Negative TB test or Risk Assessment
        3. Online Mandated Reporter Training (free)

Four Upper-Division Elective courses (20 credits)

  1. EDUC Upper-Division Elective #1 (5 credits)
  2. EDUC Upper-Division Elective #2 (5 credits)

  3. EDUC Upper-Division Elective #3 (5 credits)

  4. EDUC Upper-Division Elective #4 (5 credits)   


      • Priority enrollment is granted to declared Education Minor students

      • One UDE may be taken P/NP

      • Minors are not printed on UCSC Diplomas 

See "Courses" for the current year's course offerings

Declaring the minor

To drop the minor, log in to myucsc, choose My Academics, Academic Plans and Petitions, choose drop and submit the form. 

 Department Advisor: Amy Raedeke -